Parliament’s Speaker’s Chamber Goes Rainbow to Launch LGBT History Month 2017


The LGBT History Month Launch is a November tradition in the Diversity Calendar and it’s always held in a prestigious venue, but with 2017 being the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act we took it up a notch and held it in the Speaker’s Chamber at the Houses of Parliament. As guests of the Speaker John Bercow, a …

Prof. Richard Parkinson Explains Need for LGBT History

Richard parkinson

Professor Parkinson, an expert in Egyptology, speaks to the Oxford Union and suggests some of the possible uses of LGBTQ history. As one of the founders of the Same Sex Desire and Gender Trail at the British Museum, Richard Parkinson used the occasion of the LGBT History Month Launch at the British Museum in 2009 to promote the items at …

DC celebrates its LGBT history in a new video


DC Comics has released a new video showing its LGBT history, which began in 1988. The DC All Access episode hosted by The Advocate‘s Jase Peeples arrives to mark Pride Month and the arrival of Midnighter #1. The video can be accessed here: The video gives a nod to the troubled past of LGBT characters in comics, and attempts to …

First Gay Monument to Alan Turing Unveiled

Alan Turing

The first gay artwork dedicated to Alan Turing was unveiled outside Pink Punters LGBT venue in Milton Keynes today the 23rd of June (his 101st birthday), at lunchtime. The piece, created by artists Rita Gav and Alan Butt, consists of a detailed timeline with major events from the maths genius’ life and after his death, with particular reference to his …

Frida Kahlo’s photo album: Up close and personal


Up close and personal: Frida Kahlo’s photo album. Dinner parties at Frida and Diego’s, rigging up a contraption so she can paint in bed after an accident, recuperating at home with her tiny dog … here are the most personal moments of Frida Kahlo’s extraordinary life, taken by her father and her friends

‘A Little Gay History Desire and Diversity across the World’ by R. B. Parkinson

‘A Little Gay History Desire and Diversity across the World’ by R. B. Parkinson – How old is the oldest chat-up line between men? Who was the first ‘lesbian’? Were ancient Greek men who had sex together necessarily ‘gay’? And what did Shakespeare think about cross-dressing? A Little Gay History draws on objects ranging from ancient Egyptian papyri and the erotic scenes on the Roman Warren Cup to images by modern artists including David Hockney and Bhupen Khakhar to consider questions such as these. The book explores the issues behind forty artefacts from ancient times to the present, and from cultures across the world, to ask a question that concerns us all: how easily can we recognize love in history?

The Sunday Telegraph LGBT HM 2014 Magazine

The Sunday Telegraph LGBT HM 2014 Magazine

– published by Talent Media, the magazine is available online now, and will be published in the London area with the Sunday Telegraph on 16th February.


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You are part of a global movement – Quist

You are part of a global movement – Quist: Today marks six months since the Quist app was released for iOS and Android devices. 15,000 downloads later, they’re proud of the conversations and interest in LGBTQ history this project has helped generate.