History Resource – The Women of Greenham Common

The Women of Greenham Common

Duration: 10 minutes

First broadcast:Monday 05 September 2011

At the height of the Cold War, an announcement was made that the UK would host American nuclear missiles. One of the anti-war marches that followed ended at the airbase at Greenham Common in Berkshire and a permanent camp of nuclear protestors was established. The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp endured for nearly 20 years. Helen John, who took part in the march and founded the camp in September 1981, speaks to Witness.

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Scotland Remembers

History Scotland has published the first of three online articles on LGBT History in Scotland which Bob Cant has written to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of his book, ‘Footsteps and Witnesses: Lesbian and gay lifestories from Scotland’. www.historyscotland.com You can access it here The second article will appear in September and the third in November/December.  

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Marriage? Yes but not for Me

Author Narvel Annable writes about his feelings re-same-sex marriage: I’ll never get married but I’ll fight for the rights of other gay people to be wed Responding to the Derby Telegraph Soapbox, December 31st, Let’s hope for same-sex marriage progress in 2013, I received a letter from John.  It was challenging, thoughtful and a well constructed argument around speeches in the House of …

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A New Year Message

Retired Derbyshire teacher and novelist Narvel Annable has a new Year Message. I’m shocked by immoderate language from senior clerics, Bishop Mark Davies and Archbishop Vincent Nichols.  Eyes blazing, they hijacked Christmas to spit fire at the gay community.  The Bishop used deeply offensive twisted logic invoking the spectres of Hitler and Stalin.  Nichols accused the Prime Minister of ‘Orwellian’ practices with regard …

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Alan Turing could have been 100 years old on June 23rd 2012 and this is his year, with thousands of events all over the world, including our own on the 15th of November (see above). Of particular interest is a special exhibition opening at the Science Museum in South Kensington on the 21st of June entitled Codebreaker – Alan Turing’s …


Asha Amma Dewi Given Moving Funeral

Asha ‘Amma’ Dewi, Malaysia’s oldest trans woman and a guide and counsellor to the country’s trans community was given a moving funeral in Kuala Lumpur on August the 8th following her death from a heart attack the day before. To read more go here.

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Paragraph 175 on YouTube

The essential film Paragraph 175, which gathers the personal histories of a number of lesbian and gay survivors of the holocaust, is now available with subtitles on YouTube. Using personal testimonies, the film shows how Berlin was the world’s hub for lesbian and gay liberation before the rise of Naziism, before going on to reveal how hopes and dreams were destroyed, how …

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From over the Pond

UK psychologist and professor Ian Rivers discusses his recent trip to America’s Heartland and how, as an anti-​gay bullying researcher, he was received. Rivers, author of Homophobic Bullying and a patron of LGBT History Month, says that although he was always treated with respect personally, the idea that “all children and adults should be safe in school” was a sensitive issue in some quarters of …

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Christian Walk of Repentance for Homophobia

The former Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries, has said he welcomes plans by Christian writer Symon Hill to undertake a pilgrimage of repentance for his former homophobia. Harries said that the church needs to repent in relation to gay and lesbian people. Hill, an associate director of the Ekklesia thinktank, will walk from Birmingham to London between 16 June and …

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Cohen, Obree and Lyndsey England

The latest round up of LGB Sports stuff is here, as supplied by VAGA Associates Former England wing Ben Cohen has retired after being released by Sale. As England’s world cup-winning winger, rugby union star Ben Cohen has faced down his fair share of immovable obstacles. Now, after hanging up his boots for the last time, the 32-year-old is taking on …

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