Launch Day Teachers’ Event – Raising Awareness of LGBT+ issues (With Professor Sue Sanders of Schools OUT UK)

Sue Sanders

Teachers’ Event  – Raising Awareness of LGBT+ issues With Professor Sue Sanders of Schools OUT UK   Date: 8 Nov 2017 Time: 4.30-6pm Location: Museum of Liverpool Suitable for: adults Booking: Free event, pre-booking is essential Part of the Launch of LGBT History Month 2018 at the Museum of Liverpool Hosted by Schools OUT UK,  this CPD event is designed to empower teachers to lead on …

Gaby Baby – School Action Toolkit


Australia’s first comprehensive education resource to represent same-sex parented families. The School Action Toolkit is a PDHPE (Y5–10) resource that explores family diversity in a fun & insightful way, using stories drawn from GAYBY BABY. Beyond the classroom, it provides staff with strategies to make their school community a safe & inclusive space for all students & their families. The …

The Pink Promotion! Monday 18th November – 10 years since repeal of Clause 28

The Pink Promotion! Monday 18th November – 10 years since 28…Wear a pink item of clothing on the Monday 18th November To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28, the law which banned the ‘promotion’ and ‘publication’ of anything supporting a LGBT ‘pretend lifestyle’ we would like everyone in the UK to wear pink, the symbol of diversity.

LGBT History Month in Schools Toolkit

This toolkit for schools provides examples of what can be done and how it can be done for LGBT History Month. It also highlights the elements of legislation supporting the introduction of LGBT elements in the curriculum. Download the Toolkit (pdf – 301Kb). Norfolk Council has also produced toolkits with ideas for schools to mark LGBT History Month. One for …

US Grade to UK Key Stage Conversion Table

For American to UK lesson conversions, this description and table explains what grades correspond to which key stage and year in the UK National Curriculum.

LGBT Issues and A-Level Geography

UK geography specifications have generally only ever addressed ethnic/racial and income inequalities in society, although in recent years greater attention has been paid at A level to gender differences. Consideration of the inequalities and repression to which LGBT people are routinely exposed around the world, and the different geographies this creates, is not a topic A level has ever explicitly …

Information for Young People, Teachers and Parents

East End Eye launched pages of information for Young People, Teachers and Parents as part of LGBT History Month. Within these pages you will find resources to support young people, activities to teach about issues relating to the subject and links to find support groups and research further.

Lesson Suggestions

From David Watkins (a teacher) (all links open window with Word, image or PowerPoint file) Bullying: doc one (Chalkface Project), doc two, doc three, doc four LGBT symbols: doc one, doc two Prejudice: doc one, doc two (Chalkface Project), doc three World AIDS Day: doc one, doc two, doc three, doc four, doc five BME: Batty Man – Channel 4 …