Event Calendar

We do not organise or endorse these events ourselves. Events are organised by individuals or groups who want to celebrate LGBT History Month; the organisers of each event are solely responsible for their own event. We publish these details for your own information only.

Ben Vincent, ‘Non-Binary Genders: Western, Non-Western, and Contemporary British Histories’ @ Marriott Room, York Explore Library and Archive
Feb 3 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

This talk gives a broad overview of gender beyond the binary of male and female, divided roughly into three sections. The first addresses gender diversity in Western contexts, exploring the connection between gender and sexuality by looking at the English Mollies. The Italian Femminielli, and Albanian sworn virgins are also discussed. A cross-cultural consideration of eunuchs then expands the scope to non-western contexts, covering a range of historical and contemporary third (fourth, and fifth!) gender categories – particularly across Asia and the Americas. The journey finishes by returning to the UK, to take a closer look at how ‘non-binary’ has manifested as a category over the last few years.

Cultural Exchanges Festival Presents: Roly in Conversation @ De Montfort University
Mar 1 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Roly (@RolyUnGashaa) is a non-binary YouTuber and LGBTQ+ advocate living in London, with a passion for body modification and self-expression which he shares with his 100,000 plus subscribers online. He joins Jack Wilkin, Vice Chair of DMU’s LGBTQ+ Society, in conversation about how he uses his channel to help others accept themselves and their identities.
Organised for #DMUpride as part of Cultural Exchanges, an annual festival of ideas, insight and inspiration coordinated by DMU students.