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We do not organise or endorse these events ourselves. Events are organised by individuals or groups who want to celebrate LGBT History Month; the organisers of each event are solely responsible for their own event. We publish these details for your own information only.

My Tutu Went AWOL with Iestyn Edwards @ Wanstead Library
Feb 9 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
My Tutu Went AWOL with Iestyn Edwards @ Wanstead Library

“Only the divinely unique Iestyn Edwards could be in a tutu in a war zone and write about it so perfectly. Moving, fascinating and completely hilarious – it’s got it all, as has the man himself!’ Miranda Hart.
All as seen in the show of the number one best seller! How a West End cabaret star accidentally ended up in Iraq. Drying his pink ballet tights on the anti-blast wall, using his Kevlar helmet as a wash bag, ending up on the naughty tank…
Come find out more at this special event!

DEEP TRASH Romance @ Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
Feb 10 @ 8:00 pm
DEEP TRASH Romance @ Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

Cruise through our pleasure palace and let the waning crescent of the moon enlighten you on 10 February 2018… Deep Trash is back for an out of the ordinary, anti-Valentine affair oozing with bad romance!

Interactive cyber love, queer erotic video works, installations of ‘perverse sexualities’, cruising experiences, romantic machines, subversive maternal intimacies, eco-sex sessions, one-to-one skin encounters, live feminist porn interventions, dark and camp songs of seduction, radical self-love, a pole-dancing chrysalis ambient, butch & femme cabaret, magic tricks and… free ear piercings!

Dressing up (or undressing) highly encouraged.

♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ♥

Deep Trash is a one night only exhibition-cum-performance-club-night featuring live performances, installations, artworks, visuals and videos spread over 3 floors by 50 artists in East London’s Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. #deeptrash

The venue will be open from 8pm, with a 1h30min long curated screening on loop, an exhibition area, interactive installations and all-night performances reflecting on all dark or positive aspects of romance. #DTromance

Smaragda34 DJ set will highlight the perverse and sanguine aspects of romance with a mix of trash and pop to queercore, punk and emo. To end the night, Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace) and Nadine Davis (BBZ) will bring you two dancefloors full of deep house, hip-hop, reggaeton, funky, ballroom and afrobeats.

On Thursday 8 February 2018, the conference ‘Love, Pain & Intimacy in Live Art’ at Queen Mary University (London) will introduce some of the artists and their work. Presentations by Ivan Lupi, Rachael Young, Emie // Eva-Marie Elg as E-ME 2.0, Nicola Hunter and keynote lecture by Dominic Johnson (Reader in Performance and Visual Culture, Queen Mary University of London). #performingromance

This programme is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ¨ à ♥ o · Ñ ♥

PERFORMANCES: Flaviana Xavier Antunes Sampaio / Ivan Lupi / Jen Smethurst / Louise Orwin / Mystical Femmes [Katy Jalili & Tallulah Haddon] / Nicola Hunter / Philip Bedwell / Rachael Young / Sadiq Sadiq & Vendetta Vain / Senith / Slavina + Lidia Ravviso [music by Lady Maru] / Stephen Eyre / Tom Thom / VORTESSA [Lady Helena Vortex & Miss Giovanna Maria Casetta]

VIDEOS: Amanda Wolf / Alex Hovet / Agnes Momirski / Colette Copeland & Adam George / Diana Galimzyanova / Daniela Zahlner / Eggs and Legs and Kleitos Kyriakides / Georgia Day / Jam Steward / Jamie Janković / Jason Bernagozzi / Joy Kolaitis feat. Anna Goula / Kassandra Powell / Lulika / Marilou Poncin & Fannie Sosa / Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway / Rosie Gibbens / Sexon & Sharpe / Tone Haldrup Lorenzen

ARTWORKS: Anjali Prashar-Savoie & Hugh Hathaway / Craestor / Cyber Cesspool / Eliza Goroya / Face The Strange / Indigo Rain / Joseph Ridgeon / Lulu Fan / Nicol Parkinson & Phoebe Patey-Ferguson / Noe Warren [Leo Leander] / Prawnstarpoems [Amanda Hohenberg] / Rosina Godwin / Studio Prokopiou / Sugar & Ginger / TAXI [Suman & Sourav] / Vanane / VenidaDevenida

MUSIC: Smaragda34 / Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace) / Nadine Davis (BBZ)

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Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

42-44 Pollard Row, London, E2 6NB

Poster Image: Nicola Hunter, Motherfucker © the artist, 2017

Girls Gone Wild: Women Use Hormones to Take Control? @ Jackson Lecture Theatre
Feb 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Girls Gone Wild: Women Use Hormones to Take Control? @ Jackson Lecture Theatre

Are women controlled by their hormones or do they control them? Or is it neither? Have pharmaceutical companies developed a multi-billion pound industry out of convincing women that hormones are something they can control? If there is such a thing as control, how is this gained and maintained? And what impact can and will new technologies have on these kinds of treatments?

All of these questions will be raised and addressed as we begin our discussion by presenting the works of two artists from the Transitional States exhibition. We will then welcome historians of medicine and sexuality who will offer differing perspectives on the use of hormones throughout recent history.

This discussion will address topics such as the history of the contraceptive pill, IVF and the introduction of new medical technologies, with a specific focus on whether such technologies have changed women’s sexual behaviour.


Professor Krista Cowman


– Dr Hera Cook (University of Otago, New Zealand)
Dr Alana Harris (King’s College London)
Sara Homewood (artist)
Holly Slingsby (artist)