Fritha Jenkins and Edna Lumb: Aggregate

February 14, 2018 – March 30, 2018 all-day
Leeds Art University
Blenheim Walk
Leeds LS2 9AE
0113 2028000

The exhibition will entail an experimental curation of Lumb and Jenkins with a focus on feminist geologies and their articulation in the post-industrial North of England. It will feature a series of ‘anchor’ points for public engagement culminating in a summit event on 22 February featuring a performance by Jenkins.
The exhibition is scheduled to coincide with LGBT History Month, engaging our Creative Queers Society. Jenkins identifies as a queer artist, and this will enable Lumb’s relationship with science writer Angela Croome to be brought into the discussion. Croome and Lumb were interested in an industrial aesthetic which was completely pioneering in terms of their gender and sexuality. This exhibition aims to celebrate and reflect on their contributions to mid-twentieth century art and scientific history.

Must see performance by Fritha Jenkins on 22 February! See more Leeds Arts University events at