No Fats No Blacks No Fems

February 23, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
CGL 184
184 Royal College St
London NW1 9NN
No Fats No Blacks No Fems @ CGL 184 | England | United Kingdom

Being oppressed yourself does not mean you are incapable of oppressing others: far from it. LGBT people have had to struggle against bigotry and oppression for generations.
It is tragic that we inflict and ignore injustice in our own ranks. Join us for an evening of
talks & presentations exploring discrimination experienced from within our own communities as well as the wider world. From people in the know! This evening promises to be
informative & funny, focusing on dispelling the myths surrounding our own prejudices as well as hearing from individuals telling their own personal story. What is the LGBT experience like for people who bridge different cultures? What’s it like to be Queer and Muslim. How do we counter misogyny or transphobia in the LGBT community?
Discuss, learn and explore how we can better comforts prejudice and support those experiencing it.