“Outing The Past National History Festival” Coventry

February 4, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Coventry Central Library
Smithford Way
Coventry CV1 1FY
Coventry Pride
"Outing The Past National History Festival" Coventry @ Coventry Central Library | England | United Kingdom

Coventry Pride is pleased to announce that on the 4th of February 2017 we are taking our place as one of the national hubs for the OUTing the Past National LGBT History Festival, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality the theme for this year’s festival is “Law Citizenship and PSHE”.

The festival will take place between 11 and 4 in The Coventry Central Library, we have split the talks into four sessions, each talk will be 20-minute presentations followed by 10 minute Q&A. we have a wide range of subjects.

The Day will be split into four sessions.
Session 1 11-12 Stuart Feather “Where does gay history begin?” & Paul Amann “Kopp Outs”
Session 2 12:10-1:10 LJ Potter “Gender and sexual diversity in education” Caroline Paige
“True Colours: Trailblazing Transgender Service in the Military”Session 3 1:20-2:20 Jane Traies,
“The Other Consenting Adults: or, What were lesbians doing in 1967?” Jeff Evans,
“Criminal Prosecution of inter-male sex 1850-1970″Session 4 2:30 -4:00
Session 4 2.30 -4:00
Andrew Herm “‘But where I’m from it’s illegal’: A comparative reading of early-20th century ‘gay’ literature”
Jane Hoy Helen Sandler
“The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”
Rainer Schulze
“The Battle for Decriminalisation of (Male) Homosexuality in (West) Germany, 1945-1969”