Queer(in)g Croydon: Panel Discussion, exhibition opening & Live Performances

February 22, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
LOFT, Croydon Arts Store
Whitgift Shopping Centre
Whitgift St, Croydon CR0 1LP
Ruhul Abdin
Queer(in)g Croydon: Panel Discussion, exhibition opening & Live Performances @ LOFT, Croydon Arts Store

Queer(in)g Croydon | Exploring the potential towards a common safe place

The evening is a private viewing of Ruhul Abdin’s Reclined Nude Scrolls, two 20 metre long drawings of friends and lovers. There will be a panel discussion on the potential to create a new queer place for Croydon’s diverse LGBTQIA community – followed by a series of live performances. The idea will centre on the potential to use existing venues, spaces and places as well as make better use of disused places, and connect different groups to help program and develop an inclusive & sustainable model. 

The discussion will briefly explore existing models of successful community organisations and what a community-led model could be for a queer place in Croydon. It will also propose questions, especially in ways of understanding what a safe space could potentially be for diverse members of the community. Croydon is the largest London borough with a population over 380,000+ people and itself has a deep history with LGBT+ activities. It is represented currently in events such as the Croydon Pridefest, its participation in LGBT History Month, IDAHO as well as diverse groups such as the Croydon Area Gay Society (CAGS) that meet regularly. At the same time there has been the erosion and closure of entertainment and other venues that catered specifically for the LGBT+ community across London and this means new models of place-making need to be explored. This panel discussion will look to talk about a more dynamic, community-led model, and the panelists will discuss aspects of their experiences and what they believe could be a collective vision for a safe space for the queer community. The evening will allocate ample time for questions.

We will invite local council members, LGBTQIA community leaders, along with wider London advocates including academics, activists and cultural leaders for a meaningful discussion.

The outcomes of this discussion will be used to develop a proposal for making a temporary or permanent queer space in Croydon.



Introduction and presentation
(To be confirmed) 

The panel Discussion 

Queer(in)g Croydon | Exploring the potential towards a common place

Almass Badat
Ana Benlloch
Mandisa Apena
Fahmida Islam
Anisha Jagoni

19.00- 19:20
 Q&A to be chaired by Ruhul Abdin
Followed by live music by Tom and Jett of the Ninetales Collective & refreshments
Other performers to be confirmed