Shrewsbury Hub – Saturday Festival Presentations

February 18, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 5:45 pm
University Centre Shrewsbury
The Guildhall Frankwell Quay
Shrewsbury SY3 8HB
Salopian Rainbows
07966 294323
Schools morning, Feb 2o16

Schools morning, Feb 2o16

Our Saturday Festival starts with a morning with students from local schools and colleges, considering how our knowledge of our history is being used in education. If the first festival is anything to go by there may be some tears – there will certainly be admiration.

Another jam-packed festival offering will then include a Key Note Speaker – to be confirmed and then a series of popular presentations including:

Blurring the Lines -– Trans representation and gender expression in rock music: Rock music has long been a voice for minority groups, this includes the trans and gender variant community.  From lyrics in songs from Lou Reed and the Kinks to blurring gender stereotypes in image (Bowie, New york dolls etc), through to trans pioneers such as Jayne County from the punk era to Laura Jane Grace today.

The History of Schools Out: Schools OUT UK is a unique organisation that has instigated many vital projects that have enabled LGBT people in all their diversity to be visible and safe.

The Other Consenting Adults:  or, What were lesbians doing in 1967? In 2017 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which partially decriminalised homosexuality between men. Lesbians, never having been illegal, are not officially part of this story – but the media spotlight that was trained on their gay brothers at that time sometimes illuminated their struggle, too.

The Joy of Tokenism – being a lesbian in the 70s/80s gay movement: The histories of lesbians and gay men in the 70s and 80s are often separated out, as much of our politics were then. Some of us stuck it out in the “mixed” (mainly gay) movement and were invited into everything from Switchboard to Stonewall via the International Lesbian & Gay Association and DAFT (Dykes & Faggots Together).

Falling Into the Arms of Phoebe: Working outward – from Shrewsbury Chronicle reports from 1949, including discussions with elderly local gay men.

True Colours: Trailblazing Transgender Service in the Military: The untold story of what it meant to be transgender in the British military before and after permissive service. From 1980 to 2014, the highs and the lows, in peacetime and in war.

Meet Frances & Mary

Meet Frances & Mary

Punting with Pride: the untold story of the Oxford Gay Action Group (1972-74), which straddled CHE and GLF, Town and Gown, and was pioneering in producing gay theatre and founding the first gay switchboard in the country.  Colourful characters and lots of good stories!

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And a theatre piece:  “The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”: Frances Power Cobbe and Mary Charlotte Lloyd in conversation.