UCL Debating Society- LGBT History Month Debate

February 6, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
25 Gordon Street
25 Gordon St, Kings Cross, London WC1H 0AY
UCL Debating Society

The UCLU Debating Society is excited to announce next Monday’s public debate on the motion:

‘This house believes that the T+ movement should campaign separately from the LGB movement’.

The LGBT+ community’s fight for equal rights has historically had a common goal; to end violence and discrimination born out of intolerance. Recent successes in marriage equality, hate crime legislation has led to a shift in the focus for part of the movement onto issues such as employment discrimination, adoption rights, etc. Meanwhile the T+ still struggle with the more blatant form of intolerance; physical violence, rejection of their identities, lack of safe spaces. Is it optimal for the LGBT+ movement to work on campaigns with different goals on different scales? Is a separation feasible, given how entangled the histories of the two groups are?

– Speakers –

Emily Brothers –
Emily Brothers is a British Labour politician who stood in the Sutton and Cheam constituency in the 2015 General Election and the 2016 London Assembly. She is the first openly transgender Labour Party candidate to run for Westminster. She has a professional and campaign record promoting equality, social justice and economic growth. She is the former head of policy at the Equality and Human Rights Commision and a former President of the National Federation of the Blind.

(Further speakers will be announced soon!)

As with every week, audience members will be welcome to give three minute floor speeches in either proposition, opposition or abstention, with a prize going to the best one! We will also be running our live Twitter feed, which you will be able to post to by using the hashtag #ucludebating,

Our public debates are open to absolutely everyone! As per usual, we will be running our live twitter feed and providing free wine and soft drinks. We will also be heading to the Bar@TCR afterwards where we hope you will join us.