LGBT History Month Resources

We have compiled resources from recent LGBT History Months. Please click on the year you are interested in to see what is available.

We also have our wallchart produced in association with the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Further and Higher Education and a group of trade unions.

There are also Curriculum Subject Area Identity Posters produced by Kit Heyam of York LGBT History Month in response to requests from schools in York for resources to help make LGBT history visible in the curriculum.

Elizabeth L. Chapman & John Vincent of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals have put together their Top Tips for Preparing for LGBT History Month. See their guide here

Andrew Lumsden, who was a participant in the Gay Liberation Front in the 1970s and edited Gay News during the 1980s, has kindly sent us his perspective on The 1967 Sexual Offences Act, in which he expresses the importance of celebrating the Act as the first stepping stone on the crossing to equality and of thanking those who put their careers and reputations on the line to see it through, rather than focusing on the shortcomings. To read his analysis, go here: andrew-lumsden

If you have spaces available to host events, if you want to advertise your availability to host events or you are looking for either, please visit our Resources Proferred or Wanted page for adverts.

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Thank you in anticipation of a great LGBT History Month 2017

PrintOur 2017 Programme was launched at the Parliament’s Speaker’s Chambers on the 30th November 2016. Read our full review of the event here.

We wish you all the best for 2017 and would be grateful if you would publicise The National Festival of LGBT History which this year will have Festivals in Bournemouth, Manchester, Coventry, Preston, Exeter, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, York and London. See more information here:-

The logos can be found below (right click the link and select ‘Save As’ to download):

2017 Badge Design (jpg) 2017 Badge Design (pdf)

2017 Badge Design (gif) 2017 Badge Design (png)



Image Areli Jacobs Web

My design for the 2017 LGBT History Month badge was based on the theme “Law and Citizenship”. I wanted to create a visual symbol that would join together both.
After my research, I came up with the idea of using a finger print, since in a lot of places it is the mark left after voting, participating actively in society and the creation of community. At the same time, it represents identity, and how every person is different and unique (just as their finger prints) and why it is a motive for pride, since it is the seal of who we are. I incorporated the rainbow flag celebrating LGBT citizens, and embracing them as unique members of society.

ARELI JACOBS, 2017 Badge Designer, University of Bedfordshire

A poster advertising the 2017’s theme is available here




PDF Version: 2017 PSHE Citizenship and Law


Posters advertising the four faces of 2017’s theme are available here



PDF Version


The Factsheets describing the four faces of 2017’s theme are available here

Factsheet 1 Jackie ForsterFactsheet 2 Allan HorsfallFactsheet 3 Emmeline PankhurstFactsheet 4 Sylvia Rivera

PDF Versions (better for printing):

Jackie Forster Factsheet 1 Jackie Forster

Allan Horsfall Factsheet 2 Allan Horsfall

Emmeline Pankhurst Factsheet 3 Emmeline Pankhurst

Sylvia Rivera Factsheet 4 Sylvia Rivera

Further resources

pshelogoThe PSHE Association is the national body for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, leading the effort to ensure that every pupil receives high-quality provision.

Good PSHE education begins with a well-planned programme. Our curriculum guidance section brings together the advice you need to develop your PSHE curriculum, and our invaluable resource library offers high-quality resources to help you put your plans into practice – from planning frameworks to detailed lesson plans. The resources here are either developed by the Association or quality assured by us against best practice criteria.

Find out more here

association-for-citizenship-teaching-logoACT is the subject assocation for Citizenship representing teachers and others involved in Citizenship education.

Our mission is to support the teaching of high quality Citizenship and to promote wider public understanding of the subject. We also promote research into the participation of young people in society.

Our work is led by our Council, a group of teachers and practitioners who are members of ACT from across the country and overseen by our Board of Trustees. We encourage all our members to help steer our work and have a leading role in Citizenship education nationally.

Find out more here

Shh Report Terrence Higgins Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust’s ‘SRE: Shh… No Talking’ report, published in July 2016, highlighted that sex and relationships education (SRE) is inadequate or absent in many schools. The report was published following a survey of over 900 young people aged 16-24 and it revealed that:

  • 99 per cent of young people surveyed thought SRE should be mandatory in all schools
  • 97 per cent thought it should be LGBT inclusive
  • one in seven respondents had not received any SRE at all
  • over half (61 per cent) received SRE just once a year or less
  • half of young people rated the SRE they received in school as either ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’
  • just 2 per cent rated it as ‘excellent’ and only 10 per cent rated it as ‘good’
  • 95 per cent were not taught about LGBT relationships

Meanwhile, several key topics were conspicuously absent from respondents’ experiences of SRE:

  • 75 per cent of young people were not taught about consent
  • 95 per cent had not learned about LGBT sex and relationships
  • 89 per cent were not taught about sex and pleasure
  • 97 per cent missed out on any discussion around gender identity
  • three out of five respondents either didn’t remember receiving information on HIV in school (32 per cent) or didn’t receive information on HIV in school (27 per cent)

More information here

LGBT History Boards Promo Web

The Shrewsbury Hub: History Boards

History gets to you, especially once you realise how little we know ourselves, never mind how much the general public know about LGBT lives:

  • How people met each other
  • Where they could meet and feel safe, non-judged, accepted for who they are
  • The impact of being criminalised
  • The impact of being abused, discriminated against, ignored, demonised
  • ‘Coming out’ and sometimes lack of choice in ‘being out’
  • The ‘codes’ that helped people to ‘find’ each other and ‘share’ experiences without overtly announcing their sexuality

In a large rural county, finding and meeting people is harder and undoubtedly a lot of people gravitate towards larger cities and towns where there is more likelihood of a gay club, bar, group meeting and even an LGBT Community centre!! Also we know that some have come to the ‘metropolis’ of Shrewsbury from some very small rural communities

Our History Boards tell an ever-expanding story of LGBT lives in Shrewsbury – and the surrounding Shropshire County. They are A0 in size and we make them available for loan to schools, colleges, exhibitions and events.

You can download here a pdf version of our boards for free.

The LGBT Issue

The Sex Educational Supplement Volume 1 Issue 3

The Sex Educational Supplement Volume 1 Issue 3

Young people called for LGBT inclusive SRE en masse in a recent survey (Sex Education Forum, 2013), and this reflects a new solidarity amongst the next generation; they expect equalities legislation to be put into practice in school life and in the curriculum they are taught. The youngest age band (aged 16-24) surveyed in the latest National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles were twice as likely as the older age-band (aged 65-74) to be accepting of male and female same-sex partnerships, with around half of the younger group believing that same-sex partnerships are ‘not at all wrong’ (Mercer, 2013). Legislation and attitudes have changed.

This magazine aims to show how straightforward it can be to make SRE inclusive. I hope you will be inspired to be creative and confident in developing your SRE to celebrate diversity and let love and respect shine through.

Download the magazine here



Rainbow Teaching is a volunteer run project aimed at supporting teachers in LGBTQIA+ inclusive teaching. LGBTQIA+ inclusion extends far beyond PSHE and into the language that we as teachers use, the policies we adopt, the activities we include in our lessons and tutor times, as well as our interactions with students, parents and staff. The project is headed by Allie – a bisexual, genderqueer English, Media and PSHE teacher – and our volunteers are LGBTQIA+ members of the teaching and academic communities who are all passionate about equality and inclusion.

Introduction to the Rainbow Teaching resources from Janet Palmer who was, until recently, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of schools and the National Lead for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education:

Rainbow Teaching have produced a range of high quality, free resources and guidance that support pupils’ learning about LGBT+ issues. These include how to teach sex and relationships education (SRE) using language that is inclusive of LGBT+ young people; how to challenge bigotry and prevent incidents of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying; how to safeguard pupils through their understanding of their rights and responsibilities; and how to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development through good equalities education.

Under Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework schools are expected to actively promote equality and diversity and tackle all forms of bullying and discrimination. The Rainbow Teaching resources enable teachers to do this by providing, among other things: basic definitions of LGBTQIA; tips about how to respond effectively to incidents of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language and behaviours; and ideas for assemblies and lessons on diverse families, gender identity and recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Click the image above to visit their site.

2016 – Religion, Belief and Philosophy Launched at Queens College Cambridge, Thursday, November 26th 2015. To see photos of the launch go here.

To see coverage of the launch event and Cambridge’s Equality Pledge on Cambridge TV, click here

You can download the programme as a pdf file here.

final design LGBT 2016 JPG

2016 Religion Belief and PhilosophyWe wish you all the best for 2016 and would be grateful if you would publicise The National Festival of LGBT History which this year will be in London, Bristol, Shrewsbury, York and Manchester. See

The logos can be found below (right click the link and select ‘Save As’ to download):

lgbt 2016 Yellow (pdf) final design LGBT 2016 JPG (jpg)

final design LGBT 2016 PDF (pdf) final design LGBT 2016 PNG (png)

GarethMarshall2016“The inspiration behind the badge design came from the phrase “leap of faith”. I chose this phrase because I believe It is a very powerful, and personal message. It is about believing and having faith. both in one’s religion, and in oneself. It represents a risk we take for a better outcome and future, a push forward in acceptance and tolerance within and towards to LGBT community, and the strength it can take to come out as a homosexual, bisexual or trans person.” – Gareth Marshall, 2016 Badge Designer, University of Bedfordshire


Further resources


Proud Trust Resource LGBTHM16The Proud Trust has teamed up with Schools OUT UK to bring you this free LGBT History Month Pack for February 2016. The theme of History Month is ‘Religion, Belief and Philosophy: A Leap of Faith’.
The pack is full of handy session plans, ideas and a useful FAQs section. Click the link below to access:



February is LGBT History Month

Its celebration is a great opportunity to embed LGBT lives and issues within the curriculum along with equipping teachers and students with strategies to deal with discriminatory behaviour.  The paucity of  LGBT teaching resources and materials for adults in Further Education, especially for ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) could hinder the development of a more inclusive curriculum offer.

This blog offers some ready made , easy to download lesson plans and teaching resources along with links to useful organisations and research.

Click the image above to go to the website

TrueTubeLast year, we produced a short documentary called ‘Katie’. Katie is a nurse on a children’s ward and a practicing Christian in the Roman Catholic Church. She is also gay. She talks honestly and movingly about how she struggled to reconcile her faith with her feelings, and about the welcome she eventually found in the church community. She represents a much wider community of people who identify as being both gay and religious. Her film can be seen here:

FyneTimes2016SpringThis Spring’s edition of Fyne Times features LGBT History Month 2016

Click on the image on the left to take you to the online publication.

12 celebrities showing you can be LGBTI and a Christian
Talented, successful, LGBTI – and Christian? These men and women show you can be all of the above

See article on GayStarNews here


Timeline of UK LGBT Religion, Belief and Philosophy

This is a Timeline of UK LGBT Religion, Belief and Philosophy, created in connection with the theme of LGBT History Month 2016. Each of the events listed below has an article about it on this wiki: click the words in blue for more information.

Founder of Europe’s first LGBT-friendly mosque says being gay and Muslim is ‘like deciding which arm to cut off’

“It has nothing to do with Islam as spirituality, because our tradition is much more peaceful in terms of dealing with sexuality and gender identity.”

Watch the interview here – Independent


As homosexuality remains illegal in India, Amash busts some myths surrounding the traditional Hindu perspective on same-sex desire. Go here

The church and LGBT History Month
An article By Rev. Dwight Welch United Church of Norman UCC on the Norman Transcript News website.
Available here

GNRC declares: The exaggerated rhetoric of Pope Francis against “gender” exposes the contradictions in his pastoral care for LGBTI people.
The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics (GNRC) appreciates that Pope Francis has made major acknowledgements of LGBTI persons and their families during his last official trip to Georgia, and later in the press conference on his way back to Rome. His words contain very important messages about the way Pope Francis envisions pastoral care for LGBTI people as an accompaniment on the way to Jesus which needs a huge sense of proper discernment.
Full Press Release
2015 – History Launched at Museum of the Order of St John, November 2014
click on an image or document then right-click to download
2015 February Magazine

LGBT History Month Magazine 2015 (PDF)

2015 Launch Programme Cover

2015 Launch Night Programme – November 2014 (PDF)

Youth Work and Education resource pack (pdf)

Youth Work and Education resource pack (pdf)








2015 Launch Programme Cover

POSTER – Faces of 2015

Ann Lister 2015

POSTER – Anne Lister

Hugh Paddick & Kenneth Williams 2015

POSTER – Hugh Paddick & Kenneth Williams

Frida Kahlo 2015

POSTER – Frida Kahlo

The Chevalier d'Eon 2015

POSTER – The Chevalier d’Eon












Poster – Faces of 2015 (PDF): 5 Faces poster A2

Poster – Anne Lister (PDF): Anne Lister Solo A2

Poster – Paddick & Williams (PDF): Paddick & Williams Solo A2

Poster – Kahlo (PDF): Frida Kahlo Solo A2

Poster – Chevalier d’Eon (PDF): Chevalier d’Eon Solo A2

Anne Lister Information

Anne Lister Information

Paddick & Williams Information

Paddick & Williams Information

Frida Kahlo Information

Frida Kahlo Information

Chevalier d'Eon Information

Chevalier d’Eon Information







Anne Lister Information (PDF): Anne Lister Press Pack 

Paddick & Williams Information (PDF): Paddick & Williams Press Pack

Frida Kahlo Information (PDF): Frida Kahlo Press Pack

Chevalier d’Eon Information (PDF): Chevalier d’Eon Press Pack

1 Ann_Press

Anne Lister Information V2

2 PadWill_Press

Paddick & Williams Information V2

3 Frida_Press

Frida Kahlo Information V2

4 Chev_press

Chevalier d’Eon Information V2







Anne Lister Information V2 (PDF): a Ann_Press

Paddick & Williams Information V2 (PDF): b PadWill_Press

Frida Kahlo Information V2 (PDF): c Frida_Press

Chevalier d’Eon Information V2 (PDF): d Chev_Press



2015 badge design

Download LGBTHM badge – JPG

Download LGBTHM badge – PNG

Download LGBTHM badge – GIF

Download LGBTHM badge – PDF

2014 – Music Launched at Birmingham University, November 2013


LGBT History Month Magazine 2014 (PDF)

2014 Launch Night Programme – November 2013 (PDF)


2014 badge design









Poster – Faces of 2014 PORTRAIT (PDF): LGBT HM Music 2014 Faces PORTRAIT

Poster – Faces of 2014 LANDSCAPE (PDF): LGBT HM Music 2014 Faces LANDSCAPE


POSTER – Faces of 2014 (Portrait)


Faces of 2014 (Landscape)








Poster – Ethel Smyth (PDF): LGBT HM E Smyth Music 2014

Poster – Benjamin Britten (PDF): LGBT HM Britten Music 2014

Poster – Bessie Smith (PDF): LGBT HM B Smith Music 2014

Poster – Angela Morley (PDF): LGBT HM Morley Music 2014

Ethel Smyth 2014

POSTER – Ethel Smyth


POSTER – Benjamin Britten

Bessie Smith 2014

POSTER – Bessie Smith

Angela Morley 2014

POSTER – Angela Morley

Norfolk LEA’s Rita Adair produces a range of resources and ideas to celebrate LGBT History Month in the primary sector. Go here

2013 – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Launched at Bletchley Park, November 2012

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LGBT History Month Magazine 2013

Nov 2012 Prog Cover

2013 Launch Night Programme – November 2012


2013 badge design A


2013 badge design B







poster - English 1

poster – English 1

poster - Science 1

poster – Science 1

poster - Maths 1

poster – Maths 1




poster - Music 1

poster – Music 1

poster - Music 2

poster – Music 2

poster - History 1

poster – History 1



poster - English 2

poster – English 2

poster - Alan Turing 2013

poster – Alan Turing 2013

2012 – Sport 2 Launched at The Oval, November 2011

click on an image or document then right-click to download 


LGBT History Month Magazine 2012


2012 badge design A


2012 badge design B

poster - 2012 sport 2

poster – 2012 sport 2

PE - Amechi

PE – Amechi

Art - Kahlo

Art – Kahlo

Drama - Amos

Drama – Amos

English - Wilde

English – Wilde

Drama - Mckellan

Drama – Mckellan

English - Baldwin

English – Baldwin

English - Duffy

English – Duffy

History - Starkey

History – Starkey

Music - Britten

Music – Britten

PE - Thomas

PE – Thomas

RE - Blue

RE – Blue


RE - Robinson

RE – Robinson

Sociology - Bellos

Sociology – Bellos



History - Milk

History – Milk

Maths - Turing

Maths – Turing

History - Hadrian

History – Hadrian


Spanish - Almodovar

Spanish – Almodovar



Socioloigy - Alli

Sociology – Alli







2011 – Sport 1 Launched at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, November 2010

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LGBT Magazine 2011

poster - 2011 Sport 1

poster – 2011 Sport 1


2011 badge design

2010 – Launched at The British Museum, November 2009


2010 badge design


2009 – Launched at Hackney Free and Parochial School, November 2008


2009 badge design A


2009 badge design B


2009 badge design C

The Intercom Trust produces a guide to LGBT History Month including a  toolkit for schools. Go here

To access the Toolkit, produced by Kate Sicolo for Devon schools go here

2008 – Launched at The Royal Courts of Justice, November 2007

Layout 1

2008 badge design

2007 – Launched at Princess Tower, November 2006

2007 logo

2007 badge design

2006 – Launched at TUC Congress House, November 2005


2006 badge design

2005 – Launched at Tate Modern, November 2004

2005 logo_front

2005 badge design