LGBT History Month 2019 Official Badge

Inspired by pride parades around the world, it is our pleasure to present to you our new LGBT History Month badge for 2019!

About our LGBT History Month 2019 badge designer:

 'My name is Karolina Bednarz. I am studying Graphic Design. I am a person with a lot of interests. Besides graphics, art, and painting I love nature and time spent outside in the fresh air. Originally I'm from Poland but wanted to expand my knowledge and experience new things I came to study abroad at the University of Bedfordshire. The Design of the badge I created to represent the history of the LGBT community for 2019 event. My idea is based on the pride parades. First pride parade took place on June 28, 1970, in New York, this event was the anniversary of the Stonewall riots which are the initial part of LGBT history. To present my idea I decided to combine the LGBT colours with the concept of a parade. I wanted to give them a look of the peaceful yet powerful wave because I think this is what the community stands for nowadays.'



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