October is LGBT History Month USA!

October is LGBT History Month in the USA. As part of their celebrations, they are featuring a Hero-A-Day. Check out who is today’s LGBT USA Hero….

LGBT rights, Latvian vodka and Putin’s Russia

Stephen Fry’s call for a boycott of everything Russian was widely reported, Cher won’t sing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. The prime minister raised the issue when meeting president Putin at the G20 two weeks ago. But it’s important that such solidarity is properly informed and doesn’t lead to unintended consequences – like the campaign started in the USA for boycotting vodka actually made in Latvia, not Russia.

The Pride Reviewed

The Pride, a play written by Alexi Kaye Campbell, deals with men coming to terms with their sexual identity (or not) in two different time periods; 1958 and 2008. This intensely powerful and tragicomic production by Jamie Lloyd deals with the pressures of coming to terms with being gay on a personal level but it also reminds us how far …

Pope calls student to say it's ok to be gay

Pope Francis calls student to say it’s ok to be gay. The Head of the Catholic Church says he is praying for a religious French 25-year-old after he said he was in no opposition to gay people

A Boy and His Soul – Tricycle Theatre & Cinema

A BOY AND HIS SOUL By Colman Domingo Tricycle Theatre 4- 21 Sept
Where do you get SOUL? From watching your parents sell the house you grew up in? From discovering the family secret about your crazy cousin? Or from the childhood records found in your parents’ basement? From Stevie, Aretha, Marvin, Chaka, Barry, Gladys…and Colman. Propelled by the beat of classic soul, smooth R&B and disco, this is the soundtrack of a boy’s coming of age in ‘70′s and ’80′s Philadelphia.

Homophobia still rife in UK, survey claims

In an article in today’s Observer newspaper, many LGBT people say they expect to face discrimination and feel that social attitudes lag behind parliament. The report is by Jamie Doward.

'Prison Break' star comes out publically, with style

Wentworth Miller, star of US TV hit ‘Prison Break’, has impressed many with the manner of his Coming Out. Invited to the ST Petersburg Film Festival as a guest of honour he declined simply saying “…as a gay man, I must decline.”

The Return of Section 28? Tony Fenwick writes in 'The Independent'

“The return of Section 28? This can’t be brushed aside as an ‘oversight’
If schools are basing policies on outdated laws, it is very much a problem.” Read Tony Fenwick’s article from today’s Independent, where he responds to this weekend’s revelation that as many as 45 schools may be implementing SRE policies lifted almost wholly from pre-2003, Section 28-era documentation.