The LGBT History Festival spurred me into starting a project I’ve been interested in for years. Although I am neither a historian nor a film-maker, the callout for submissions made me decide to record some archive material and to make a short film. I lived in London in the 1980s in a lesbian feminist community rarely mentioned in feminist history …

Cambridge Talks

Cambridge is the latest city to start an oral history project; thanks to SexYOUality. The LGBT support and social group used the opportunity on its 20th birthday to help young Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex and queer people learn about what life was like 20 years ago and beyond for their community in Cambridge. Like the Manchester LGBT Youth Project, …

Nearly Half of Our Engineers are in the Closet

Nearly half of Britain’s lesbian and gay engineers are not out at work, according to new research. While 45.2% are out at work, 41.8% remain in the closet. The figures come from a survey carried out by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Reasons cited by those who preferred not to reveal their sexual identities included a perception that colleagues …

‘Wow, you really do have two mums!’: What it’s like when the children of lesbian mothers go to school

‘Wow, you really do have two mums!’: What it’s like when the children of lesbian mothers go to school – As the debate around Putin’s homophobic stance rages around the Sochi Winter Olympics; as gay people in Nigeria arebeaten to death in the streets as the police stand by; and with the first same-sex marriages in England and Wales only 38 days away, Anna Carlile feels the need to talk about how her family, and other families with lesbian mums, experience school. The fact is, things are better in the UK than they are in many other places around the world, but there is still a long way to go.

1985 Film on YouTube Shows LGB Solidarity with The Miners

A video unearthed from the vaults shows the reciprocal support between LGB campaigners and the Dulais miners in the strike of 1884-5. The lesbian and gay movement supported the strike and the striking miners marched with gay Pride. To see more go here

The Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards 2013

The Co-Operative Group Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards 2013 – get voting. The awards are very much back to basics. They are an opportunity for people from all over the UK (anyone in the world can vote too) to vote for their favourites in 27 diverse categories.

Alternative Theatre in Lambeth and Camden 1968-88: 11th Nov – 21st Dec at Ovalhouse

Re-Staging Revolutions: Alternative Theatre in Lambeth and Camden 1968-88 ( 11th Nov – 21st Dec at Ovalhouse, Tues – Sat 3-8pm). An exhibition featuring community, experimental, Black, Asian, lesbian, gay, women’s, disabled, political, Theatre-in-Education, agit-prop, physical, visual, performance art, vernacular drama, new writing, satirical and many other theatre companies; championing a generation of artists whose work has influenced and shaped present day British theatre.

Sharley MacLean 1923 – 2013

Sharley MacLean, veteran lesbian activist and member of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality has died peacefully at the age of 90.

Peter Pressland of CHE and Peter Tatchell pay tribute to a campaigning legend