Mail Produces Lesbian Images

An extraordinary archive of photographic images of lesbian love has been published by the Daily Mail. The images, form Marie Lyn Bernard, freelance journalist and editor of Autostraddle, can be accessed here

Roberta Achtenberg

LGBT History Month USA’s first icon is Rita Achtenberg. Roberta serves as a commissioner of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. She is the first openly gay presidential appointee confirmed by the Senate. Find out about her here

Moonie's Leader Dies

The self-titled  Reverend Sun Myung Moon died on September 3rd 2012 aged 92. The founder of the Unification Church, who carried out mass weddings of opposite sex-partners who were complete strangers to one another until they were introduced as suitors, believed homosexuality to be an evil that went against God’s plan. Although the Church was founded in 1954, its position on same sex …

Proud2Be and Christine Burns

Now into its second year, the LGBT youth support initiative Proud2Be has on its website a message from LGBT History Month Patron Christine Burns explaining why she is proud to be a trans woman and a lesbian. To see it go here

The Darlings are back

Outhouse London presents The Darlings – London’s lesbian community theatre troupe In Simply Wonderful Directed by Barcy Cogdale An afternoon of personal stories created by individual members of the Darlings troupe this storytelling performance will explore the joys of ‘sisterhood’ – a celebration of lesbians wherever their lives have taken them. The Darlings are not professional performers, but do everything …

Asylum Seekers' Update

On International Women’s Day we got the fantastic news that Amanpreet Kaur was released from detention in Yarl’s Wood IRC.  Ms Kaur is a lesbian woman who was detained for three months and twice threatened with imminent removal when the authorities refused to let her make an asylum claim based on the persecution she fears if returned to India.  She …

Channel 4 Looking for Young LGBT People

A TV Company is looking for  young LGB people between 10-14yrs old They are making a groundbreaking TV programme for Channel 4 that follows young gay people in modern Britain. Get in touch. They’d love to hear from YOU. Call Luke for a chat on 02087426809. Luke Davis, Head of Development, Glasshead Ltd 44 (0)20 87426809    

Australian Star Comes Out and Launches a Missive

Kath and Kim star Magda Szubanski has come out as a lesbian and posed the question “How come serial killers can get married but we can’t?” to her government. British-born Szubanski, 50, who plays Sharon Strzelecki, stool pigeon to the two main characters, came out on Australian TV on Valentine’s Day 2012 and used the opportunity to voice her support for same …

Green lesbian feminist 'leftie' gives it to them with both barrels in New Zealand

Taking her place in the New Zealand House of Representatives, the NZ parliament’s third out lesbian Jan Logie opened her ‘maiden’ speech by saying “I stand here as a leftie, feminist lesbian.” The 42 year old with a background in social work then went on to assert the endemic nature of gender based violence in the state. “One in three girls, …

Between Women Airs on The Net

A US TV drama following the lives of several high-powered city dwellers is nothing new. But when the characters are lesbian and black that is new. Produced by Michelle A. Daniel and directed by Christina Brown, the show is aired on the net and can be seen at! While you’re there you can join the campaign to have it aired on TV.