Proud2Be and Christine Burns

Now into its second year, the LGBT youth support initiative Proud2Be has on its website a message from LGBT History Month Patron Christine Burns explaining why she is proud to be a trans woman and a lesbian. To see it go here

Asha Amma Dewi Given Moving Funeral

Asha ‘Amma’ Dewi, Malaysia’s oldest trans woman and a guide and counsellor to the country’s trans community was given a moving funeral in Kuala Lumpur on August the 8th following her death from a heart attack the day before. To read more go here.

National Trans Mental Health and Well-Being Survey

A survey has been launched to research and assess the needs of trans people across the nation. This survey is produced by a partnership between Scottish Transgender Alliance, Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre, TransBareAll and Sheffield Hallam University. It is based on the priniple that there has been very little research about trans people, or people with trans histories, and their well-being. What there is …

Professor Arthur Sullivan reviews a classic about Transition

Dear Sir or Madam ( A Journey from Female to Male) by Mark Rees;, reviewed by Arthur Sullivan About half way through this account of his journey from female to male, Mark Rees remarks that “[t]he most important part of the role change is the transsexual person’s acceptance by society”.  As well as his own personal journey, this book chronicles …

Today Programme Interviews Ugandan Gay and Trans Refugees

As the Ugandan Government prepares to debate a reformed anti-homosexual bill, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme featured interviews with a gay couple and a transsexual woman who have fled the country after abuse including imprisonment, sexual assault, beatings and harassment. To hear the report and the interviews go here.

Pink News Report on Schools OUT Conference

The Schools OUT 2012 Conference – which featured how to raise trans issues, disability issues, an OFSTED speaker, the leader of the National Union of Teachers, workshops on our latest method The Classroom, the European Rainbow film project and youth workshops, has been reviewed extensively by Adrian Tippets in Pink News. Read it here (part 1) and here (part 2). …

The 'T' Word

Over the pond, the use of “tranny” as an agent noun for male to female transsexual people has got the backs up of trans activists and culminated in the recent glitter bombing of Dan savage at a recent public gathering. In the Daily Beast, Tricia Romano considers whether the ‘T’ word for trans people is like the ‘N’ word for …

Gendered Intelligence Youth Sessions

Trans support and research group Gendered Intelligence are introducing twice monthly sessions for young people to get to know each other and discuss relevant issues. If you are interested and you are between 13 and 25, go here for more information

Identical Twins? Not Exactly

A pair of identical twins are to make history now that one of them is undergoing gender reassignment. This will challenge the psychologists and sociologists, since  it suggests that sharing the same DNA doesn’t mean  sharing the same identity, but the same or similar environment elicits two quite different results. It also challenges simplistic explanations of consumer brainwashing, for Boston twins Wyatt …

Queen's Gongs Go to LGBT activists

Three LGBT ‘unsung heroes’ have received gongs in the New Year’s Honours. Jeffrey Dudgeon, Liberal Unionist politician and equal opportunities and human rights campaigner, receives an MBE for services to the LGBT community in Northern Ireland. He brought a six year long case against the UK in his defence of the right to enjoy – as a gay man – a private …