UK LGBT+ History Month is Every February

We hope you had a very successful 2019 LGBT History Month. We certainly feel that we did as we had over 1700 events on the calendar and had numerous stories and tweets about it on facebook and twitter.

Our OUTing the Past festival was a huge success with us going International for the first time as we at Sweden, Norway, New York and the island of Ireland as well as England 17 hubs in all, with over 100 offers of presentations for the festival and  30 for the activist and academic gathering in Belfast.

Congratulations to one and all for making an event happen it is a big job we know and so many of you will have done it in your spare time. This year we had a record amount of Rainbow flags flying and people wearing rainbow lanyards so our visibility has increased.

We want to know what happens round the country in LGBT History month so we are  setting up a new page so you can tell us what you did for the month share stories and photos. It is a chance for you to show off your event, share your experience, and inspire others.

The email to use is

It’s not too late to get involved:

There is more. If you:


The Sue Sanders Schools OUT UK archive is now at the Bishopsgate Institute

We have chosen the Bishopsgate institute for all our archives as we feel it is one of the most accessible

and friendly archive that are home to a huge range of LGBTQ+ resources, including thousands of journals, books, banners, badges, t-shirts, memorabilia, oral histories, written personal accounts, private papers, reports, postcards, posters, press clippings, photographs and more on individuals and organisations important to understanding and celebrating LGBTQ+ history, politics and culture. The collections include the archives of organisations such as Stonewall, Switchboard and Outrage! and the records of important LGBTQ+ activists such as Peter Tatchell, Paris Lees Out!. The collections are open to all; you don’t need to book in advance to come and see them or to undertake research. Follow this link to access the catalogue and find out more about this incredible repository of LGBTQ+ history.

Our papers are quite extensive covering our own activities and myriad lgbt organisations, events and conferences the catalogue can be found here.

Before you have a clear out of papers, memorabilia and photos check with Stef Dickers at Bishopsgate or your local archive we need to have a record of what we did who we are.

We must not be invisibilised!

Get Your LGBT History Month Materials

From logos to flyers and people to places, all you need to get your event off to a flying start!
PLUS all our materials and themes all the way back to 2005!
The LGBT History Month February 2019 theme is History: Peace, Activism and Reconciliation

LGBT History Month Materials


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You can now show people what you did by sharing photos and a report to our YOUR Events page, promote your work and inspire others!

Upcoming events from our year-round calendar:

We do not organise or endorse these events ourselves. Events are organised by individuals or groups who want to celebrate LGBT History Month; organisers of each event are solely responsible for their own event. We publish these details for your information only.

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Our Sister Sites

Schools Out UK

Schools OUT UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that began life as The Gay Teachers Association in 1974. Our overarching goal is to make our schools and educational institutions safe spaces for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) communities as teachers, lecturers and trainers; as pupils and students; as parents; as teaching and learning support staff; as site-officers, catering and cleaning staff; and as headteachers, managers and governors. There is no other organisation that supports such a wide community in attaining such a wide, yet simple overarching goal. See our website for more news and materials for educators

Presentedby_theclassroomThe Classroom

The Classroom The Classroom is an accessible space for teachers to find a range of materials to make Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans people visible in education. We believe that to eradicate homophobia and transphobia, the lives and contributions of LGBT people need to be visible throughout education. This can be done by delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. See our website for more information and lesson plans at

OUTing The Past

The introduction and promotion of LGBT History Month (UK) by Schools OUT UK in 2005 has significantly enhanced and further validated awareness of and interest in LGBT and Human Rights Campaigns of the second half of the 20th century. The associated and growing interest in ‘LGBT History’ has created a growing public demand for readings of that past, that has in turn encouraged popular and academic research into that past. However, despite the increasing popular demand for such history, it still an area of study that in the UK is very much in its infancy compared to the remarkable advances made elsewhere.

Key Partners

Harvey Milk FoundationMilk Foundation

As a not- for-profit global organization, our program goals – to empower local, regional, national and global organizations so that they may fully realize the power of Harvey Milk’s story, style, and collaborative relationship building – are as large and bold as Harvey taught us!  The Foundation, through Harvey’s dream for a just tomorrow, envisions governments that celebrate the rich and universally empowering diversity of humanity, where all individuals – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, the young, the disabled – all who had been excluded can fully participate in all societal rights without exception.

LGBT-Archive-logoThe LGBT Archive

The LGBT Archive is an LGBT online encyclopedia – a wiki web site. Its aim is to record the knowledge and memories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people living in the UK. It’s a virtual time-capsule.

The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust is a life saving and life enhancing organisation that helps young people empower themselves to make a positive change for themselves and their communities. We do this through providing LGBT+ youth groups, peer support, managing the LGBT+ Centre for Manchester, delivery of training and events, campaigns, undertaking research and creating resources. We’re proud to work in collaboration with Schools OUT UK each year, to produce the official LGBT History Month Education and Resource pack, find them here.

LGBT Ed ( is a website to tell help LGBT teachers be the role models they needed when they were younger. Nobody should feel they need to hide who they are at school, but we recognise that this is harder in some schools than others.

Simply by being adults who are comfortable being openly gay, bisexual, lesbian or trans* then we show being LGBT for what it really is – natural and usual.  This website will contain:

  • Case studies and stories of teachers and other school-based (or college-based) professionals who are out at school, hopefully with supportive statements from senior leadership teams, pupils and parents.
  • Information from teaching unions, the Department for Education and from C of E and Catholic Schools on their ‘official line’ on being openly LGBT in school. This will initially be focused on England but we hope to extend this to other countries in time.
  • Links to support sites, including, Stonewall, Schools Out and others, where education professionals can get further information and guidance on how to make their schools more LGBT friendly.

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You can support us and get involved by using our materials, raising funds, sharing events and challenging discrimination wherever you are.

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