Meet the Team

Sue Sanders


Sue Sanders (not Saunders) helped found Schools OUT in 1974 and LGBT History Month is the child that bounced out of her brain in 2004. Her job now is to make sure the rest of us are doing it right.

In February 2015 she received an Emeritus Professorship from the Harvey Milk School

Stephen Boyce


Steve Boyce is a member of the Management Committee and also Chair of Trustees to Schools OUT UK and LGBT History Month. Steve qualified as a teacher in 1989 from the University of Leicester and worked for many years in inner city Primary schools. A member of the NUT for over 25 years; he and served on the LGBT Advisory Committee. Now he works in Prison Education in Norfolk and is a member of UCU and is representing LGBT members in FE on the National Executive. He is a committed activist for LGBT and equality issues. He lives with his partner John in Norfolk. They have 10 grandsons, 1 grand-daughter and a great grandson! 

Tony Fenwick

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Fenwick (the ‘w’ is silent) joined Schools OUT (now Schools OUT United Kingdom) in 1995  and has hung round ever since. Now he gets to run the show. When he’s not doing this he teaches in Hertfordshire.

Andrew Dobbin

Promotions Officer

Andrew is responsible for all our posters, leaflets, press releases and the monthly Bulletin. He also writes the occasional article on our behalf. He organised the November 2014 Launch for HM2015 – ‘History – Coded Lives’.

Like most of the committee, he was a teacher, putting in thirteen years at the chalk-face and taught English, History, Sociology and spent three years teaching at Key Stage 2.

In that time, and like all of the committee, he witnessed and received homophobia in varying degrees of nastiness. That was also how he learned his favourite word ‘verisimilitude’.

He was once called an intellectual, but as that was in Britain it probably wasn’t meant as a compliment. Neither is the fact he lives in Luton.

Seth   Atkin


Seth Atkin (there’s no ‘s’ on the end) has been with Schools OUT for a long time. He is a lecturer in Birmingham and is active in the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) where he also plays an international role.   He organised and realised the new TUC/Schools OUT UK LGBT timeline

Jeff Evans


Jeff is a teacher and is on his way to gaining a PhD in history.

He coordinated the UK’s first Popular LGBT History Festival last year with LGBT History Month, as well as having coordinated two academic LGBT History festivals.

He currently lives in Manchester and Hanover