Beyond the Capes- by Richard de la Haye










Book Review, by Stephen Boyce

This novel is excellent, well crafted, transporting the readers through the Canadian Wilderness to the Transport Colonies of the New World. It is an epic, a gay love story that defies the forces of history. From the moment I opened the cover to the very last word of its 400 pages I was mesmerized, totally involved with the characters, some fictional some historical, and their lives and loves. All this is even more remarkable as it is the debut novel of this gay Australian writer.

There is something for all tastes here from the bristling sexuality on the poop decks of the young, handsome tars to imagining yourself in that waterfall being caressed by the tender hands of a native American Indian Brave.

Historical persons and places are well used and connected into the main thread of the story and build very well into the finale. Every character is well drawn and fully rounded and from widely disparate beginnings the different lives slowly intertwine within the book.

If you like historical novels then this is a real pleaser. If you like books that touch on the lives of real historical characters then this is the book for you. If you like books that contain steamy love scenes between beautiful young men then read on. A book I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good read. Well done Richard we await you next novel about the Nazis with bated breath. If it is half as good as this one it will be brilliant!