Richard Chopping Dies

> Richard Chopping1917 – 2008 Richard Chopping was an illustrator specialising in plants. He is probably most famous however for the covers he design for several of Ian Fleming’s James Bond books. in the late 1950. He and his life long partner where the first couple to sign a Civil Partnership in Wivenhoe (near Colchester) where they lived for over …

DJ Tallulah Dies

> DJ Tallulah 1948 – 2008 One of London’s best known scene figures has died. DJ Tallulah had been a club DJ for forty years. More information here. Thanks to PinkNews

Mel Cheren Dies

>Mel Cheren, nicknamed “The Godfather of Dicso” died on 7 December of an AIDS related illness, aged 74. He was the founder of the legendary New York club Paradise Garage and West End Records in the mid 1970’s. He was also a prominent New York AIDS activist. In 2000, Cheren published a memoir called My Life and the Paradise Garage: …

Maurice Béjart Dies

> Maurice Béjart1927 – 2007 One of the most influencial dancers and choreographers of the 20th century. Maurice Béjart – WikipediaMaurice Béjart – The Times

Sammy Duddy Dies

> Sammy Duddy1945 – 2007 Paramilitary and drag artist. Sammy Duddy was initially known in Belfast for his drag queen act, performing in the city’s clubs as ‘Samantha’. However his initial role in loyalism had been during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when he served as the public relations officer for the then legal Ulster Defence Association (UDA). Duddy …

Anna Livia Dies

> Anna Livia Julian Brawn1955 – 2007 Award winning lesbian feminist author, teacher and linguistic theorist. Read the Guardian’s obituary here and the San Francisco Chronicle’s here.You can sign an online guest book in honour of Anna Livia here.

Ned Sherrin Dies

> Ned Sherrin1931 – 2007 The broadcaster, humorist, anecdotalist, raconteur, impresario, producer, presenter, playwright, actor, author and stage director Ned Sherrin CBE died today of complications of throat cancer. The creator of the seminal TV programme That Was The Week That Was was 76. BBC obituaryNed Sherrin, wit, impresario, bon viveur and Radio 4 stalwart, dies at 76 – The …

Carol Hubbard Dies Aged 62

>The pionneering West Yorkshire feminist and lesbian, Carol Hubbard died at her home in Todmorden, on Monday, September 10. Read the full obituary from the Todmorden News here.

Two Gay Heroes of 9/11

>Even six years after the event, the terrorist attacks on the New York City and Washington are still having repercussions in many countries around the world. Even today, the American Congress is holding a hearing on the developments of one of the two wars which are consequences of those attacks and they are one of those world events where most …

Michel Serrault Dies

>The French actor Michel Serrault died last month at the age of 79. Mention Michel Serrault to most filmgoers and a spangled vision of the most outrageous drag queen ever to burst on to the screen is evoked. Serrault, who has died from cancer aged 79, became internationally renowned as Albin/Zaza, the extremely effeminate, temperamental and middle-aged performer at La …