Event Calendar

We do not organise or endorse these events ourselves. Events are organised by individuals or groups who want to celebrate LGBT History Month; the organisers of each event are solely responsible for their own event. We publish these details for your own information only.
OUTing the past, Bergen, Norway @ Bergen public library
Mar 16 @ 10:30 am – 3:00 pm

For the first time, Norway is part of this international festival. The Norwegian Queer Archive is the organizer together with 17 other venues in the world.

With the queer history as theme, a number of lectures are presented:

-Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen, A brief history of Pride activism in Norway, 1969-2019. (Lecture in English.)

-Severe Christoffer Guldberg, Gender unearthed: Exploring gender diversity in the Scandinavian Viking Age. (Lecture in English.)

-Tonje Louise Skjoldhammer, Offensive and Unseemly Behavior, Prosecution of sex between women in the mid-eighteen hundreds in Norway. (Lecture in English.)

-Jeanette Solstad, Respecting Diversity. (Lecture in English.)

-Gary Chapman, The Rocky Twins. Norway’s outrageous Jazz age beauties. (Lecture in English.)

-Sigrid Sandal, The administrative practice to demand irreversible sterilization to recognize the correct legal gender in Norway? (Lecture in Norwegian.)

-Siri Sunde, the Church and love. (Lecture in Norwegian.)