Gordan the Giraffe, by Bruce Brown

A must for primary schools is Gordon the Giraffe, by graphic novelist Bruce Brown. The story is an uncomplicated one of a bunch of young giraffes who play a traditional game involving pairing up as boys and girls. A boy giraffe wants to pair up with Gordan and this leads to some serious peer bullying and aggression. Gordan consults his mum who tells him to follow his heart. The denouement involves the ‘gang’ trying to play a nasty trick on Gordan and his partner, which goes wrong with potentially catastrophic results. Only Gordan can save them…

Alan Chin of Explorer.com said in his review:

One of the things that sets this book well above the norm is the colorful and beautiful artwork. Like many kids books, there are plenty of pictures to tell the story, and is one I would be proud to hang on my walls as art.

The child inside me found this book to be an enchanting read—both mentally and visually—and I highly recommend it to all kids, and the kids inside of other adults.

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