Guildford Library LGBT HM Report

We thought it would be a good idea to combine the LGBT History Month initiative with Pride in STEM – as a way to highlight LGBTQ role models in STEM (both historical and current). We put together 2 displays – 1 for role models etc, and another for books with an LGBTQ science perspective.

Posters included:

LGBTQ role models (from & LGBT History month site)
Links to science sites representing LGBTQ+ scientists
Information about Outline (Surrey based LGBTQ charity)
We also created a little giveaway zine – this was an A4 foldable quick and easy leaflet which contained LGBTQ+ links to library resources, local organisations and organisations with an LGBTQ+ science theme. This went down well and over the course of February about 50 people took the zine away with them.