1st UK Disability History Month

>LGBT History Month is proud to support the 1st UK Disability History Month.

The Month is about celebrating the lives of disabled people, challenging disablism and promoting equality. It will run from 22 November until 22 December and feature a series of events and exhibitions throughout the UK.

The idea came out of some research carried out for the last Government about bringing disability into the national curriculum.

We’ll be celebrating the lives of disabled people including Stephen Hawking, Jane Campbell and Alan Holdsworth. But we’ll also be highlighting the fact that many other disabled people have been prevented from leading fulfilling lives because of discrimination underpinned by negative and disablist attitudes.

The launch event of the Month will take place on Wednesday 24th November between 5 and 8pm at the Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL (off Russell Square).

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