Pink Paper Closes after 25 years

The Pink Paper announced the closure of its electronic edition today, September the 19th 2012. Arguably the end of the trail that started with Gay News, the Pink Paper in its heyday was a matt print weekly tabloid free-sheet that went free into LGBT venues and provided a serious alternative to the glossy topless twink scene ‘zines that promoted the latest clubs in London and the provinces. It provided news and opinions and publicised events throughout the UK throughout the ’90s and early noughties. Owned by Millivres, publishers of the GT and DIVA magazines, who rescued it in 2005, the paper has struggled to find enough advertising revenue throughout the recession. In 2009 its hard copy was dropped and it became a website publication but alas even that has proved too costly to maintain. It is survived by Pink News and Gay Star News, both website based.