Positive Allies Charter Mark to be Launched in LGBT History Month

Launch Night of Positive Allies!

What is the Positive Allies Charter Mark?

The Positive Allies Charter Mark is a brand new charter mark to show that your organisation is HIV friendly. It is a free, powerful, easy to follow process to help everyone in an organisation focus on the quality of staff training, recruitment and protections they offer to people living with HIV. It helps to demonstrate your organisations commitment to ensuring that people living with HIV, as either staff or volunteers, are safe and that key staff undertake training, review policies and consider organisational practices and resources. This is the first known charter mark of its kind and registration and getting started is free!

“Whilst the Equalities Act (2010) added further protections to those living with HIV, many employers are unaware that HIV is included within this legislation.”

By displaying the Positive Allies Charter Mark, you will send a clear message to potential employees and volunteers, as well as people living with HIV, that they are included, valued, supported, and will be treated fairly. You will also make it clear to other organisations and your service users, customers or clients that equality and diversity is at the heart of your organisation as you will reassure people that your organisation is a safe and supportive place.

You can watch Drew Dalton explain more about Positive Allies, and how you can get involved with it, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1VJc4TYxnA

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The national launch of Positive Allies will be held on Friday 23rd February from 6:30-8:30pm at the University of Sunderland in London (Canary Wharf). This will include:


Arrival: Drinks (wine and juices) and food on arrival.


Guest speaker: Roland Chester discussing his experiences of living with HIV whilst working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This is taken from his new book ‘Ripples from the Edge of Life’ launched in May, 2018, which chronicles the stories of 13 people living with HIV in the UK.

Drew Dalton: ‘The Journey of Positive Allies’ – How can you include Positive Allies into your workplace or place of volunteering? A guide to getting started.

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