Speaker Wanted for Dept of International Trade 14th February 2019

Hi there my name is Shivani Gadhavi and I’m part of the LGBT+ staff network at the Department for International Trade. We are having a reception to celebrate LGBT+ history month on the afternoon of Thursday 14th February and we’re currently trying to find a speaker. Given the theme this year of Peace, Activism and Reconciliation we think the topic of Stonewall’s beginnings, namely the start of that activism could be especially appropriate. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity to discuss this LGBT+ history from an intersectional angle given the contributions of the transgender and people of colour sections of the community. Having someone who can speak as a member of these often overlooked parts of the community would be particularly valuable. We are hoping to discuss the importance of intersectionality further in general this history month.

The speaker would be invited to our drinks reception later that afternoon and we would welcome them joining in wider discussions with our staff should they be interested. We are unlikely to be in a position to offer a significant fee on this occasion given budget constraints and are currently reviewing this aspect so this would have to be discussed. Our network is doing its best to address this issue and will inform you of any welcome changes to these circumstances.

If you think can think of anyone who may be interested in this position and is appropriate to fill it please do let me know. Happy to discuss via email or over the phone.


Wishing you all a successful LGBT+ history month.

Kind regards,



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