US oral history project reveals pre-Stonewall rights group

LGBT history in the USA didn’t just happen in New York and San francisco. We’ve come across an article in the Kansas magazine “camp”, telling the story of ‘Paul’ who back in 1968, started a successful LGBT group at Kansas State University, a whole year before the Stonewall riots in New York established that city’s first safe space for its LGBT community!

What Does 'Transgender' Really Mean?

For many unfamiliar with the “trans” community, the announcement by Bradley Manning that he’ll now be “Chelsea Manning” raises a host of questions. Even mental health professionals who specialize in gender identity say there is much about it that is unclear, so classifying it for treatment is challenging for the transgender individual and doctors.

'Prison Break' star comes out publically, with style

Wentworth Miller, star of US TV hit ‘Prison Break’, has impressed many with the manner of his Coming Out. Invited to the ST Petersburg Film Festival as a guest of honour he declined simply saying “…as a gay man, I must decline.”

Kerry Ditches DOMA and Welcomes Same Sex Couples to the US

Secretary of State John Kerry committed his administration to the ditching of the Defence of marriage Act in the USA and added that the laws on visas for the US would be changed to consider same sex married couples on the same grounds as opposite-sex married couples. Senator Kerry made the announcement in the US Embassy in London. He said: …

40th Anniversary of the New Orleans Massacre

The 24th of June marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most appalling events in the USA’s history; the massacre of 29 gay men in a New Orleans bar. While the Stonewall riots are celebrated every year, the arson attack on gay Christian group in The Upstairs Lounge that left a total of 32 dead remains largely forgotten. According …

An Audience With Martina Navratilova – St James Theatre London, 23.6.13

‘An audience with Martina Navratilova’ hosted by Claire Balding on 23rd June at St. James Theatre as a start to Pride in London week. All proceeds from the event go to support the parade and LGBT organisations.
Sue Sanders Co-chair of SchoolsOUTuk and LGBT History month asks Claire and Martina for their thoughts on how we support teachers to educate young people about LGBT people. This was their response….

US Immigration Policy Rejects Equality for Same Sex Couples

US LGBT rights activists were dismayed and angered by new immigration legislation which liberalises and rationalises US immigration policy was passed by 13 votes to 5 in the House of Representatives on Tuesday May the 21st. Why? Because it side stepped the issue of equal rights for same sex couples. The legislation will provide a pathway for 11.5 illegal immigrants …

May 22 is Harvey Milk Day

May the 22nd is an opportunity to celebrate Harvey Milk Day in memory of the USA’s first elected gay councillor. Although celebrated chiefly in the US, the day is international and you can organise an event and register on the website. For more details go here

Obama's Inaugural Speech Makes History

In his inaugural speech, President Obama made reference to the Stonewall riots and said “our journey is not complete” until equal rights for gay people is reached. The pro-gay pastor of the Episcopal parish closest to the White House gave the benediction at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Furthermore, Barack Obama chose Richard Blanco, an openly gay poet to perform the official …

New Normal Wins Award

The Ryan Murphy comedy US show The New Normal, which is centred on two gay dads and a surrogate mum, has won The People’s Choice Award for best new Comedy. The show aired on E4 for the first time in the UK on Thursday night at 10pm. Other winners of The People’s Award were Ellen De Generes for her talk …