What Love Is- edited by Peter Burton






Book Review: by Stephen Boyce

I must admit that I am not a fan of the genre of short stories but this collection is a stirring and thoughtful exploration of the form. No single story stands out above the other and none fully encapsulate or expound the title. However, all in all, a good read. I think best suited to those who commute, or have the odd half an hour here and there, to read one of the collection. This collection could do remarkably well poolside at any one of our summer destinations and will give any reader a good starting point for conversation with a stranger when they ask “What are you reading?”

Each author views the gay world and captures a remarkably different aspect to all the others. All walks of life are recorded here from the lover of a suicide bomber to the quick trick in a foreign gay bar with a stranger. An enjoyable but not memorable summer read.


Steve Boyce